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Tracking and Managing Your Workouts has Never Been Easier

  • Record your workouts with a simple tap of play & pause, no typing required
  • Full control to completely customize your own routines
  • Ability to record your workouts even in offline and sync later
  • Sync to multiple phones or your Android smartwatch
  • The app uses your workout data to suggest your next workout
  • Currently only available for Android


Monitor Progress

Track your fitness goals, body fat and measurements so you can achieve your goals.

Exercise Library

Access to an extensive exercise routine library prevent workout boredom.

Create Routines

Create your own workout routine or choose a previously recorded routine.

Workout History

Track of all your workouts and progress quickly and securely to review anytime.

Share with Friends

Easily connect with your network and share your achievements.

Get the App Free

That’s right. You can currently download and use this app for free.

See Why LiftDay is More than Just Another Workout log!

LiftDay App is designed by athletes for the serious bodybuilder. We know how important it is to keep track of your workouts so you can manage your progress. And we know that tracking your workouts has to be simple — now it is with LiftDay. No more notepads or log books!

“Great app. Simple to use. I love being able to customize my own routines.”
I have tried many apps – settled on this program. If there is some kind of exercise you need, you can create your own and add it to your routine”
“Huge help instead of wandering and getting away from things I should be doing. Love not carrying a notebook and pen.”